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Hi there!

I'm Judy and I'm the owner of ChibiJay Shop (formerly known as ChibiJay Supplies & ChibiJay Designs on Etsy). I've always loved chiyogami papers ever since I was a child. Origami was my go-to boredom buster and the designs of the papers were always so fascinating to me. Fast forward to my adult years. I

started looking for ways to de-stress and to relax after work. I remembered my love for chiyogami papers and how therapeutic it was for me to fold origami. So, then I started my own collection of chiyogami papers and came up with other ways of using the paper from making jewelry to small home decor like tealight candle holders. After a few successful years on Etsy selling my handmade crafts, I decided to start attending local vendor markets in the Santa Cruz, California area.

After starting my handmade crafts business, I decided to share my love of chiyogami papers with others. That was when I started my retail chiyogami paper business. I was amazed at how much it was grown through the years from 2016 until now. I am so very grateful for all of you (especially those who have stuck with me through all the years) and helped me to become a full time independent small business owner.

People ask me all the time what "ChibiJay" means. Well, it's simple. It was my nickname growing up. "Chibi" means small in Japanese and "Jay" for Judy. :)

My Santa Cruz, CA Work Studio
San Jose Made Holiday Show Dec 2019